Brooch Kind of Girl

$50.00 USD


Product Description

This is one of my favourite illustrations... its kind of peaceful, relaxed, calm, contemplative... you know that feeling you get when you are just happy in your own skin; when you know you who are & you like it... mmm... I really am a brooch-kind-of-girl.

"Brooch Kind of Girl" is an illustration printed on a fabulous green fabric

A little stitching detail has been added.

It has been stretched & fixed in a natural wood embroidery hoop.

Dimensions: 11inch wide (approx 28cm wide)

Fabric is glued to inside of back of frame for extra stability.

All you need is a nail in the wall! Hey presto!

(actual piece may vary ever-so-slightly from photo shown here. All pieces are made to order, so please allow a couple of days for the making)

Brooch Kind of Girl